We offer made to order, CUSTOM table pads that will protect your table from scratches, stains, heat, and sun damage. Our pads are a full 1/2-inch-thick and provide an excellent writing surface. We deliver the highest quality materials, workmanship, and service.


Standard construction is for two pad pieces: one piece for each half of the table. Each extension leaf is also a separate piece. This means that a table with two leaf extensions is manufactured in four pieces – two pieces for the table itself and one piece for each leaf extension. This allows you to use your custom table pads in whatever combinations of table and extension leaf that you use for your table. The Magnet Lock feature locks your pad sections together, again, in whatever combinations of table and extension leaf that you utilize. Each piece folds in half for easy storage.

Guaranteed Fit

California Table Pad guarantees that your custom table pad will fit your table. We have a “no-fault” policy. In the unlikely event of a fit issue, we will re-make your table pad at absolutely no charge.

Watch out for other companies that will charge you the full price on a second order if your dining table pads don’t fit; they will say it is your error! Don’t take that chance. Order risk-free with California Table Pad.

Aluminum Heat Shield

Our dining room table pads have a 1/2 inch of insulating felt and fiberboard plus a layer of aluminum which helps protect your table from accidental heat sources. Every set of table pads are constructed with our Aluminum Heat Shield.

Aluminium Heat Shield For Table Pads

Magnetic Locks

These will keep your table and leaf pad sections together while in use.
-Reduces pad separation and sliding
-100% user-friendly (nothing to think about – they just work)
-Locking systems are completely concealed
-Will not come loose, fall off or break 
-Can be fully functional up to 100 years. 



Custom Made

California Table Pads are manufactured to fit the top flat surface of your table. Industry standards allow for a 1/8 inch variance between the pad and the table’s flat top surface. Many tables have beveled or rounded edges. It is important to note that made-to-order table pads are designed to cover the flat top surface of your table and they should not extend over beveled or rounded edges.

Table Shape

The shape of your table determines how to order. For a round table pad, we measure the diameter of your tabletop. For square and rectangular table pads, we measure the width and the length. For rectangular tables with round corners, we use a radius corner template. For an oval table pad, we make a pattern tracing of one half of your table top. Odd shaped tables also need a pattern.

Lifetime Warranty

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers your table pads from any defect in material or workmanship. We will repair or replace any such defective product at no charge.

Leaf Storage

Ask about our leaf and pad storage bags. These bags are moisture-proof and lined with soft fleece to protect your leaf and pads from damage.

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