What other surfaces can your table pads protect?

Our table pads can protect any flat surface that you want.  Servers, buffets, pianos, end tables, coffee tables, desks, etc.

How to do I order?

If you know the manufacturer’s name and model number, you can order a custom made California Table Pad without taking a pattern of your table.

When table manufacturers make and sell a new dining table, they assign a model number to that table and they will make that table with exactly the same dimensions throughout the entire production of that table. Our manufacturer obtains these master patterns and keeps them indefinitely. Even if your table is several years old there is an excellent chance that we have your master pattern.

Sometimes the table number is on the bottom underside of your table or it may be on your purchase paperwork. On the purchase paperwork, look for the manufacturer’s name followed by a number sequence. If you see a number only, that could be a store SKU and not the manufacturer’s table number. Please note that sizes listed in company catalogs sometimes are not usable for making table pads. Catalog sizes include the beveled or sloping edges of the table and table pads are made to fit only the top flat surface of the table – which does not include the beveled or sloping edges.

How do I take correct measurements for my table?

For many tables we can make the pads for you from the information that you share. If not and you are close by we will come to your home and measure your table for you as a complimentary service, otherwise we will send you a measuring kit and walk you through the process.

How will my pads get to me, and how long will it take?

Our table pads are made to order and shipped directly from the manufacturer.  Standard shipping time is 3-4 weeks.  If necessary, we can rush your order for an additional fee.  During our “high” season (September-December), it may take a few more days.

How much do table pads cost?

It depends. A custom table pad will typically cost $245. Each leaf is an additional $25. If your table exceeds 54” round, 54” wide or 74” long, there will be a small additional cost to accommodate the oversize.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Certainly.  Table pads make great birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, wedding and even “new mom” gifts.

What if I receive my pads and they are not as expected?

Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If the table pad does not fit your table we will replace it.

Do you have a selection of colors for the top and bottom of your table pads?

Typically we carry 18 different colors for the top material and 6 colors for the bottom.

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