Make Your Table Fit Your Life

Protect your fine furniture with custom table pads designed to

fit ALL of your needs

We Specialize in Custom Table Pads

Your table is beautiful and valuable, and a custom table pad is the best way to protect your fine dining table. A table pad will protect your table from excessive heat, discoloration, water marks, damage to the finish, scratches, dents, and stains.

California Table Pad makes it easy to order custom pads. If you know your table manufacturer and style number, or the exact measurements of your round or rectangular table, you can order by phone. If you would like one of our professionals to do the measuring for you, you can request assistance. We offer a free, in-home consultation if you are located in the bay area.

Why do you need a table pad?

Table Pad For Children


Children doing homework or projects can scratch your table with their books, pens, and craft supplies.

Table Pad For Pets


Cats and dogs can climb on your table, leaving scratches.

Table Pads For Guests


Dinner guests can tip over a wine glass, spill coffee, or even worse, knock over a lit candle.

A variety of Uses

Our custom table pads are not only for dining room tables but many other fine furniture items. Your beautiful furniture is an investment and needs protection from heat, spills, scratches and sun. Some of the many other custom table pads we make include conference room tables, buffets, side tables, coffee tables, even pool tables and pianos.

Quality Features:

  • Full ½ inch thick for maximum protection
  • Waterproof vinyl top
  • Super-suede base to hold the pads in place
  • Magnet locking system on every piece to stay together
  • Aluminum heat shield build inside to protect your table from accidental heat
  • All at no extra charge!

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